Blog | Summer’s Effect on Mental Health

How have you been feeling through the recent hot weather?

The hot weather does more than affect your physical health, it can also have an effect on your mental health and well being.

As temperatures generally been getting higher, studies show that people have found it more difficult

To experience certain positive emotions like happiness and joy.

Some of the reasons why mood is influenced by hot weather could be because of it:

  • Exacerbates daily stressors
  • Increases risk of dehydration
  • Causes sleeping difficulties
  • Increases risky behaviours

When the weather is hot, it can also place some restrictions on daily life, as people might remain in their home or office and become isolated, possibly resulting in a lack of control which can cause increased irritation.

It is also believed that those already struggling with mental health conditions or taking certain kinds of medication are more susceptible to heat-related mood problems on hot days.

Take care of yourself this summer. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and stay well hydrated, and seek professional help if you experience extreme or extended effects from the heat.