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Online therapy at Your MindSmith©

What is it?

 Online Therapy at Your MindSmith© is a hassle-free, confidential, one -to -one psychological therapy service


Why should I use it?

Cuts out the inconvenience of traditional therapies
Is a personal, confidential, effective service
Allows you to choose from almost 20 highly-skilled, qualified therapists
Will help you to quickly get back on your feet, living live to the optimum level

How does it work?

Simple – you just take 3 steps
Step One – identify your symptoms
Step Two – choose your favoured Psychologist
Step Three – choose your perfect package


Your MindSmith©

Your personal online therapy

Feel good  |  Live better  |  Be your best


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Taster Session
One off
A one off 50 minute session
Benefits - You will:
Gain an understanding of the problem
Receive your initial therapy plan
Choose whether to proceed
Choose your Therapist
Monthly Plan, Best Value!
Taster Session + 4 sessions over the month
Benefits – You Will:
Gain an understanding of the problem
Receive your initial therapy plan
Take 4 sessions for the following month
Choose Your Therapist
Pay as you go
As required
50 minute session
Benefits – You will:
Pay for one session at a time
Progress at a monthly rate that suits you
Convert to a monthly plan when it suits you.
Choose your Therapist

Is something holding you back?

Would you like to see a Psychologist, but is something holding you back?  Your busy schedule?  Responsibilities at work or home?  Anxieties – perhaps about face-to-face therapy sessions?

Then online therapy could be perfect for you.

Online sessions can be ideal for both parties –

  • it’s easier to fix up appointments – for both you and the psychologist
  • concentrating on the session is often easier when you’re in your own familiar surroundings.

With nearly 20 therapists, Your MindSmith© is ready to help you with depression, anxiety, the challenges of everyday life and much more. You’ll find a therapist with the ability to understand what you’re going through and to help you make those positive changes to your life.

All our Therapist are available via a Skype secure connection.

Some client’s stories

Social anxiety

‘I had been feeling extremely isolated from people, even my friends and family because I couldn’t explain to anyone what it was I was feeling. I felt uncomfortable and nervous in so many social situations; bumping into the neighbour, dinner parties, informal chat with colleagues – I had no idea what was wrong with me.

By attending weekly therapy sessions via video link, I was able to make a connection with the therapist at a time and from a place that suited me. It made it so much easier for me. At the time I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t have faced going to a strange clinic and talking about my issues. I understand it all now and I have lots of strategies. Thankfully that’s all in the past and I am now enjoying my social life’.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

‘My life was so restricted, I couldn’t rest, always having to double check everything; the front door, the windows, the cooker, even going upstairs to check on the children several times per evening. It got to the stage were I was getting out of bed to check the front door was locked when I’d only checked in ten minutes before.

Speaking to a therapist made it all clear, why I was doing it and how to stop. It was really simple and started working so quickly. Dealing with this has freed me up to enjoy life. Best thing I ever did’


‘It didn’t happen suddenly, it just crept up on me slowly. I barely noticed, until my wife started pointing out that I was snappy at the kids and was waking earlier and earlier with a feeling of doom about the day.

In a nutshell I was stressed. There were a few things that had contributed to it, but they just needed identifying and dealing with. Speaking with the psychologist wasn’t uncomfortable, in fact I enjoyed it, was so good to get some feedback and start getting control over it’.

Therapy for All Online

“Having conducted sessions online for many years, I find that the therapeutic relationship and the progress is as effective as live meets” ,”There are many benefits of online therapy via video link”

You’re in safe hands

Dr Debbie Smith is the founder of Your MindSmith©.  Debbie is a chartered counselling psychologist.  She has over 15 years’ experience of working with people experiencing mental health problems.

Many conditions can be caused by work, home-life, ill-health, a certain life-event, or general unresolved feelings about the past, present or future.

Debbie and her team have worked with people from all walks of life. Working on Harley Street brings clients from the world of business, T.V. and Government. Both home-grown and international clients trust that Debbie will make confidentiality and results a priority.


About Your MindSmith© founder Dr Debbie Smith

Hi, my name is Dr Debbie Smith and I am a chartered counselling psychologist. I have worked in both the NHS and the voluntary sector and established myself in private practice over 15 years ago.

Benefits of online therapy 

  • Save time and money by holding your consultation from your home
  • No need for a referral from a G.P. or psychiatrist
  • You’ll feel more at ease and speak more freely in your own space.
  • Patientsoften feel less embarrassed when talking about sensitive issues from their own surroundings
  • Eliminates the worry about the stigma of in-office therapy
  • You’ll remain anonymous – no danger of being spotted entering or leaving a therapist’s office
  • Choose your own therapist at a time that suits you both
  • Accessible for people who don’t drive or have physical disabilities that prevent travel.
Enjoy the benefits of technology – you don’t need to live near a skilled psychologist to enjoy access to good quality therapy.

Perfect for Business

helping your people to

Feel good | Live better | Be their best  


Give your employees a simple and seamless way to reach their optimum and be fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.

They will be able to choose from nearly 20 psychologists.  Each one

  • is experienced
  • qualified to MSc or doctorate level
  • is available online.  

Choose the corporate package that suits you best.  Give your people access to their own psychologist, via their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

They can also benefit from our online courses delivered via a dedicated portal.  The employee’s information will be 100% safe and secure, with the contents delivered in a timely, therapeutically appropriate fashion.

Therapist Png

Welcome to the wonderful world of online therapy – designed to deliver a service to you in a way that suits your business and your people best – all at their online convenience.

What to do
Getting started couldn’t be easier.

Call or use the contact form and we’ll be delighted to talk through the options.

We’ll reply within 24 hours.

We care

Nothing is more important to us than your well-being, your confidentiality and your security. At ‘Your MindSmith©’, the highest care and safety goes into everything we do. At every stage, we ensure that your data is completely safe.

All our Therapist are available via a Skype secure connection.

Meet our chartered psychologists

All our therapists are UK qualified and background-checked. Your therapist won’t judge you, and the same privacy rules apply as if you were at taking the traditional therapy route.

Your MindSmith© has many therapists, between them, qualified to help you with any issue.Chose the issue you need help with, choose your therapist and then choose the package that’s best for you.

All our Therapist are available via a Skype secure connection.


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If you are currently having suicidal thoughts or are thinking of harming another then do NOT use this site.

Please contact your G.P. Surgery or call 111 or 999 (if in the UK, other countries will differ)
Or go to your nearest emergency room where you will be assessed by the crisis services.

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