What’s the aim of Your MindSmith?

Your MindSmith aims to provide access to highly qualified, experienced and chartered psychologists.

The service is not aiming to replace in-clinic therapy, but add an additional convenient option for those seeking therapeutic support.

Your MindSmith was created by a Psychologist who has been providing face to face psychological therapy for 20 years, she knows what works and she has successfully provided therapy via video link and seen the incredible results. The site aims to provide the best psychological therapy within a modern framework.

With Your MindSmith, you simply choose from a list of symptoms and if required, your prefered day (step 1) choose your therapist (step 2), that matches your requirements and then select an appropriate therapy package that suits your needs (step3). In essence you could begin your therapy within hours.

Your MindSmith aims to provide something that is unique modern, affordable, professional & convenient and ideal for the modern world.

Is Your MindSmith secure and anonymous?

Yes. One of the common concerns for people considering accessing psychological therapy is the fear of someone finding out: seeing them in the waiting room, needing to ask employers for time out, knowing the receptionist or fearing seeing the therapist in and around the local area. Maybe you’re well known in your hometown?

At Your MindSmith our therapists are located all over the U.K. you would be very unlikely to see them in any other capacity.  There is no need to have to fix appointments at times that may leave you having to give explanations to anyone and you’ll never have to sit in the waiting room with other customers. We want you to feel 100% comfortable and safe in using our site. Your privacy, security and confidentiality are of paramount importance to us.

How does Your MindSmith demonstrate security?

You have the opportunity to create a unique username during the registration process. This is the only name your therapist will see. No one else will be able to access your account, except you and your therapist.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to use the ‘MindSmith Messaging©’ platform. This is available within your ‘Account’ section. It allows private and confidential information to be shared just between you and your Therapist and is available from any device with an internet connection.

The videolink that is used to facilitate your sessions is also secure and has been………..

Any information kept about you will be stored in adherence to the guidelines prescribed by the British Psychological Society (B.P.S.) and the ICO (Data Protection).

What age do I need to be to access Your MindSmith?

You have to be at least 18 years old. For those younger we advise talking to; parents, teachers and those working in your school setting offering support and counselling. Of course there are also G.P. surgeries, who will refer you to the appropriate services.

About Your Therapist | Are they qualified?

All of the therapists are qualified to at least a Masters or Docotorate qualification in Psychology. They also have at least one years post qualification experience in providing psychological therapy and to be honest the majority have many years of post qualification experience.

Are they skilled in what I need?

On enrolment, each therapist identifies their areas of expertise and it is these skills that play a part in the matching of this particular therapist to your needs.

If I’m unsure which Therapist to choose can you help me?

Yes, simply use our SOS Service. Most therapists would agree that when providing psychological therapy, the relationship between the client and themselves is extremely important and clients who report making progress and gaining the optimum from the therapy, also state that they were helped by the fact that the therapist held certain aspects. What these differ for each person, the can be: well-qualified, had experience of working with their presenting issues, was female or of a similar in age.  It is for this reason that Your MindSmith acknowledges this importance by offering the opportunity of matching.

This is done by filling in the SOS contact form. Once completed and submitted, on of our therapy based team members will contact you. We’ll ask you to the initially answer some simple questions (answer as honestly as you can) and we’ll tell you which Therapist would help.

Do I have the same therapist?

Yes. Once you have chosen or been matched, this will be your therapist for as long as the therapeutic work takes.

The Technical bit | What do I need?

1) Any device that can connect to the internet via a web browser such as Google, Safari, Chrome, etc.

2) A functioning microphone and Webcam

What happens if I lose connection with my therapist during a session?

You will need to ensure that at the time of your appointment you have a good WiFi connection. For a good quality video link you will need a bandwidth requirement of 300kbps per stream. If you are persistently losing connection with your therapist, this will not be recompensed, however the odd loss will allow you and your therapist to reconnect and continue without intrusion into the therapeutic process.

Can I use Your MindSmith on my iPhone or iPad?

The website is viewable on any device with an up to date browser

Is there a Your MindSmith app?

Yes there is a ‘Your MindSmith’ app in production for Android users, it will be launched in October and available on the Google Play store

How much does Your MindSmith cost?

Your Mindsmith is a subscription therapy service. When you payment will be taken will depend on which choice you made:

  • If you have chosen a one off assessment then your fee will be taken prior to the assessment taking place.
  • If you have chosen an assessment and weekly therapy sessions your fee will be taken weekly on a subscription basis

–  if you have chosen to purchase your sessions via a monthly subscription this will be taken on a monthly basis, on the same date that you first signed up for the service.

Outline to cancel your account
Account and Cancellation Policy

If you no longer wish to continue, you can cancel your account. However if you cancel, there is not a process of refunding monies.

How to cancel your account

We sincerely hope that you find your therapy useful to you.However, if you wish to cancel your  account, you can do so by:

Log into your account area

Once logged in you can manage all aspects of your interactions with Your MindSmith.
This includes cancellation, billing information, contact details and changing your password.

How do I make payment?

Your MindSmith accepts payment via major credit /debit cards via PayPal’s secure payment gateway, you don’t even need a Paypal account. Alternatively you can pay via the standard PayPal route.

How am I billed?

On the day you register with Your MindSmith, you will be charged for your chosen plan. Once the plan elapses, you will then be automatically billed again. If you do not wish to renew you will need to cancel via ‘My Account’ settings.

Are there any penalties for cancelling the plan?

There aren’t any penalties you can cancel at any time. However, you are advised to contact us if you are cancelling due to dissatisfaction with the service.

Will I receive a refund?

‘Your MindSmith’ has the priority of offering everyone the best possible experience, both with using the website and your therapeutic experience.

If you’re not satisfied, you can request a conversation with us via the ‘Your MindSmith’ customer support: support@yourmindsmith.co.uk.

Generally refunds for unused time are not granted because the therapists charge for time that is scheduled to be used. However, customer service reviews refunds on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the therapists. We make accommodations if unique or legal circumstances (medical, death, disability, etc.) dictate the reason for the refund request.

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If you are currently having suicidal thoughts or are thinking of harming another then do NOT use this site.

Please contact your G.P. Surgery or call 111 or 999 (if in the UK, other countries will differ)
Or go to your nearest emergency room where you will be assessed by the crisis services.