Benefits of online therapy

There are many benefits of online therapy via video link


  • It saves travel to a clinic – both saving time and money
  • It does not require a referral from a G.P. or psychiatrist
  • Clients often feel more comfortable to talk openly in a space that is familiar to them such as their office, home or anywhere they feel relaxed.
  • Clients can feel a little less embarrassed when talking about sensitive issues
  • Eliminates the worry about the stigma of in-office therapy
  • Eliminates any concern that you will be seen entering or leaving a therapist’s office
  • Meeting away from the therapist room can help re balance the power when you’re not in the therapist’s office, might feel more confident to be more honest
  • With an initial choice of therapists, you can choose the therapist according to the day/time that works for you
  • Clients who are short on time prefer not having to find the extra time for travel and parking.
  • Some clients feel reassured that therapy via the Internet provides greater anonymity and more freedom to only have to inform the people who they want to know they are attending therapy.
  • Accessible for people who do not drive or have physical disability that prevents ease of travel.
Thanks to today’s technology, not living local to a skilled psychologist does not hinder you being able to access good quality psychological therapy.

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Benefits of online therapy 
Benefits of online therapy 
Benefits of online therapy 
Benefits of online therapy 
Benefits of online therapy